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Ikeja Hash House Harriers

First Run:23 May 1981 Mother: Jakarta H3Father: Jacques 'Stir Stick' De Steur
Midwives: Hans 'Snow White' Koopman, Barry 'The Lift' Gauder
Ancestors:Jakarta H3 (1971) and Kuala Lumpur H3 (1938)
Descendants: Igbogodu H3 (1993), Pattaya Jungle H3 (2003) and Obudu H3 (2014)

IH3 was the original bush hash in Nigeria and adopted the crocodile emblem from the outset due to the frequent sightings on the runs scaring the sh1t out of the newcomers and townies alike. The original home base was GRA IKEJA, which moved to the Crocodile Bar “The Croc” in the Ajao Estate, Ikeja from around 19s.

The 1990’s saw some vintage years with the young Ozzie Bob, Sir Traffic, Colonel, Semper Fi, Cuckoo, Cornetto, Scratcher, Missionary & Heavenly Legs, Livingstick, Sir Fish Sir Jasper, No Mercy, Whiskers (r.i.p) and Pussycat conquering the bush between Ikeja and Ibadan every Saturday. The annual Halloween bash was always a fantastic event. Regular weekly runs with 20 -30 on the bush run with back to Croc on Saturday night for more fun and frolics into the early hours.

Tragedy struck IH3 in June 2000 when the hashers met with an overturned fuel truck on the way to the run. We fondly remember The Wizard of Oz, Overnight Bag and one of the Bristow drivers who perished as a result. Lucky survivors included Scratcher, Cuckoo, Lord Lucan, No Mercy & Wild Rover. The fire accident coupled with the rapidly decreasing bush due to urban development put a brake on weekly runs. However with the usual resilience of hashers IH3 soon bounced back to be running once or twice a month and extended the run site options to the Lekki Peninsula as well as some of the more trodden sites off the Ibadan Expressway.

IH3 has always had a reputation as the friendliest of hashes no doubt fuelled somewhat by the imperative of taking full pot down downs. As a world re-known singing hash the IH3 spirit was continuously reinforced by ambassadorial globetrotters such as Sugar Daddy and Ozzy Bob. Global honours were carried home by our very own No Mercy who won the women’s down down championship three times in a row at the World Interhash.

Today IH3 runs on occasional Saturday’s with the obvious challenge of finding any resemblance of bush to run around to work up a thirst. Louis ‘Staircase’ Ehizokhale is the was HM up till 2017, and no doubt with full support from Kunmi ‘Kum Sexy’ Adio-Moses as RA, Greg the Geco, and others will continue to gargle the holy water regularly so we can all look forward to the next chapters in history including continued soirees in Arepo and other wonderful places.
Current HM and RA are CumSexy and ManHole. 2017.


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