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Lagos Thursday Boys H3

"The Lagos Thursday Boys H3 is one of the several hash houses in Lagos and it runs every Thursday on the island of Lagos....

In the beginning there was conviction, organization, etc. A small gang of Monday Hashers, fed up with running on a Hash which carried a disproportionate number of non-contributing hangers-on, decided to go hashing on Tuesdays instead. Our main problem was the night-fighters who were taking advantage of the cheap beer, food and other attractions (for them!!) of the Hash. An all male hash would sort them out.


Who were this band of misogynists? :

Jim Hatt, Peter Lunn, Tony Bowles, Lynne Clarke-Jones, Fred Cheval
Roger Hawthorne, Dave Hammond , Peter Hurst, Jan Scholten.

Stated intention was to set a high standard of hashing! Membership was to be men only, and strictly by invitation. The annual subscription was N5,000 ($50) - this partly to avoid the inconvenience of collecting cash at each run, and partly to ensure that only 'serious' hashers joined. The run would be more demanding than the Monday run to deter people who regard their walk with the Monday Hash as participating in a Hash.

The inaugural run was on Tuesday, 31/5/94. Jim Hatt, the 'Founding Father' was Hare, and Peter Lunn came up with some sponsored T shirts, 13 runners took part. The next 6 runs attracted enough keen hashers to have really good runs, and the after run activities (both circle and chop) were excellent. Optimism was the mood of the moment - there was even talk of limiting the membership to 30!!

Then came the summer exodus. Numbers dwindled. Peter Lunn fled the country! By Run 12 we were down to a motley band of 3 or 4 hashers trying to look as though they liked running every check-back! The ultimate Hash was Run 13.

Hare - Jim Hatt, Runners - 1. Headgear had obviously gone to quite a bit of trouble to set a run, so the lone runner that had turned up decided that he would at least go for a jog around V.I. following the trail. He was later to be heard remarking that he felt a bit daft shouting "On-On" to himself, but that's Hashing!! Pathetic tho' a Lone Hasher might sound, it got worse. Headgear had omitted to tell "the pack" that it was an A to B run. So our lone hasher (later christened Lonely) valiantly followed the trail to point 'B'. There the chalk ran out, and so did the daylight.

Meanwhile Headgear, having pointed the 'pack' in the right direction, put a few cold Stars in a cold box and drove to point B to pick up “the pack”. There he waited, and waited, and decided that his lone runner must have lost the trail. So he drives off to retrace the route, hoping to pick “Lonely” up. Meanwhile, “Lonely” reaches point B, casts around unsuccessfully for further chalk, finds none, and so has little option other than to make his way back to Headgear's place. Muttering about poorly marked trails which were far too long, he doggedly jogs back along the trail. But perhaps the trail only seemed rather long because it lacked the usual banter and camaraderie (!!) of LTH3 runs. Approaching 8.00 pm, car and hasher finally met - almost at Headgear's front gate! That was when the A to B trail was explained, and Headgear lost a friend!

The next half dozen Tuesdays didn't bring out enough hashers to have proper runs. So the few who did turn up, usually less than 4, went for a jog around Ikoyi / VI, with someone nominated to 'call' the trail as we went. After the summer low period, members drifted back, and we were able to resume hashing.

Lagos Tuesday Hash House Harriers (First year’s runs)
From 31st May 1994. It should be noted that the current HM is Keep On Pumping while the RA is Monkey Spanker. Past Hash Masters include, Chicken Head and Missionary.


Other things you may wish to know about Thursady Hash

• The hash day changed briefly to Wednesday but then Thursday so we could still call it LTH3
• The wheelbarrow was used for icing after a boxing day at Pete de Be's house in Ikeja. Bertie then donated a barrow but this was lost on transfer when he left (some bugger half inched it)
• LTH3 adopted some differences in the format of the circles. They used scoring for trail masters report and no mee mee mee's for songs. Also hash hymn in double time (Cameron Stewart was then HM followed by B).
• Fucking Bunny didn't like his LH3 hash name so we re-christened him Sir Fucking Bunny. First of the LTH3 knight hoods.
• Lagos Thursday became Lagos Thursady after Traffic Warden miss pelt name on T shirt.

The Thirsty Boyz came later. By this time  a real men’s hash with no elusions of being select!!!

It has continued to run every Thursday to date in the streets of Lagos.

Important Hash Details for Thursday Boys?