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RULE 1. There ARE no rules, but the Grand Master (GM) is always right.

RULE 2. If the Grand Master IS wrong, then refer to Rule 1.


All other rules do not exist and are therefore, null and void. Some Hash Houses do, in fact, create new rules but in all such cases Rule 1 applies.

GUIDELINE 1. Religious Adviser (RA), usually becomes Grand Master (GM) at the end of his/her tenure unless Mismanagement rules otherwise.

GUIDELINE 2. The tenure of a Mismanagement Team is one year

GUIDELINE 3. Quarterly payments should be made on or before the new quarter starts. (Jan, Apr, July, Oct)

GUIDELINE 4. The Hare is responsible for laying the trail or accompanying the Trailmaster. Failure to do so may attract a fine.

GUIDELINE 5. Where there are up to two Hares for a run, they are both exempt from paying the run fee. Where there are more than 2 Hares the others will pay their run fee.

GUIDELINE 6. The Hash should not provide transport for Hashers to travel to events outside Lagos.

GUIDELINE 7. A ‘new Hasher’ turning up after a Run without taking part in the Run cannot be introduced as a Virgin in the Circle.

GUIDELINE 8. Only regular Hashers are eligible to vote at Handover Runs as per the dictates of the Returning Officer

GUIDELINE 9. The Mismanagement Team appoints a Returning Officer one month before Handover Run and he/she publishes the guidelines for nominations and elections one month before Handover Run

GUIDELINE 10. To be bestowed with a Lagos Hash House Knighthood (Sir or Lady), a Hasher should have Hashed consistently for at least 20 years and made noteworthy contributions to the Hash during that period.

GUIDELINE 11. To be exempted from paying Monday hash fees, a Hasher should have Hashed consistently for at least 30 years and made noteworthy contributions to the Hash during that period.

GUIDELINE 12. To earn a Hash Handle (Hash Name), a Hasher should have RUN/WALKED at Monday Hash at least 10 times or hosted a Run, whichever comes first.

GUIDELINE 13. Each new Mismanagement Team is encouraged to review this document within the first quarter of their tenure and make sure all members of Lagos Hash know about it.

These Guidelines are non-binding. If in doubt refer to Rule No 1.

TRADITION 1. Down Downs to be drunk with the left hand.

TRADITION 2. No headgear worn at Down Downs…..includes spectacles and sunglasses.

TRADITION 3. Permission required to Exit/Enter the Circle. Put your mug on your head and signal whoever is in charge of the circle at the time.

TRADITION 4. At a Down Down finish ALL your drink and place your mug upside down on your head. Mug must be upside down on your head whether you finish your drink or not.

TRADITION 5. Never point. Bend your arm and direct your elbow towards the person.

TRADITION 6. Do not talk in the Circle unless called upon to do so.

TRADITION 7. Never refuse to sit on the ice when punished, regardless of your believed innocence.

TRADITION 8. A Hasher wearing new shoes is obliged to drink from one of them in the Circle.

OBJECTIVE 1. To promote physical fitness amongst its members.

OBJECTIVE 2. To get rid of weekend hangovers

OBJECTIVE 3. To acquire a good thirst and satisfy it in beer.

PROCLAMATION 1. If any Lagos H3 Hasher misbehaves at a Monday Run/Walk/Circle and a complaint is made AND seconded by another the matter will be taken up by LH3 Mismanagement. Otherwise it will be considered null and void.

PROCLAMATION 2. If any LH3 Hasher misbehaves at an Away event (all Hash events outside Lagos including those organized by other kennels), and a complaint is made by ANY Hasher who was at the event AND seconded by another LH3 Hasher, the matter will be taken up by LH3 Mismanagement Team. Otherwise, it will be considered null and void.